Because one of my guitarist favourites is involved in a music therapy institution in Palestine and I found this worthy of support, I decided to travel there via Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Turkey to see how the project is getting on.

Since I intend travelling to Palestine from time to time, I came up with the idea of starting a micro ferry from Mersin to Haifa (450 km). The Levant often has little wind, but mostly a lot of sunshine, which is ideal for a sail- and solar-powered hybrid, of which I fortunately have some experience.

In Portsmouth, England, I found a suitable and affordable boat, on which I replaced the diesel engines with electric motors and PV. In December 2109, we reached Le Havre under sail, and then were able to test the electric motors extensively on the Seine, the Yonne, the Marne, the Canal de la Champagne à la Bourgogne, the Saône and the Rhône, reaching Lyon, where we were forced to take a four-week break due to a defective lock.

Link to the timetable:

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